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The Scary Truth…


Let’s say there was a flood, fire, or theft at your office. You’re protected right? What about the recent uptick in Ransomware attacks; like WannaCry and Petya, as well as other cyber threats and exploits?


Most companies today have insurance in place that will cover the cost to replace damaged or stolen hardware and software. But does this same insurance coverage also handle the cost of downtime? Could you recover if you lost your company’s data? (Use our RTO Calculator to Find out.)

How long could your business sustain itself if revenue did not continue to flow in while you worked to get things back together? Is your company down? Does your current Disaster Recovery Plan account for the time needed to:


  • Troubleshooting and parts identified
  • Parts are ordered and shipped
  • Repairs are completed and hardware tested
  • Backup data tested and migrated


The Plan…


Having a well structured plan in place prior to any disaster is key to a fast recovery. Think of recovery time as being directly related to your cost of downtime. It can really help to see a controllable cost when you have all the pieces to the puzzle.


“For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day…” a small business owner could easily afford a total disaster recovery solution that will have them back up and running in minutes!


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