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Managed Mobile

Want to Improve Access To Your Businesss Systems?

How safe is it for employees to access your data via a mobile device? Do you feel that is out of your control? With the range of available devices coming onto the market every day, why not take advantage of the choice available and offer your employees greater flexibility? Barriers to this include:

  • Lack of control
  • Risk of data getting lost or stolen
  • Rising costs of different price plans
  • No process for managing different devices
  • No company processes or policies
  • Insufficient data on usage
  • Limited range of devices
We take these worries away from you, given you peace of mind and enabling you to work in the most efficient way for your business with complete choice and control over both employee and company devices. Set-up is quick and easy!

Mobile Device Management

Management of Apple iOS® and Android™ platform mobile devices, including effortless enrollment of new and existing devices.

Flexible Coverage

MDM lets your employees enjoy the benefits of remote connectivity while keeping your company information safe and secure.

Enforce Company Policies & Procedures

Implement Features like; Password Requirements, Number of Login Attempts Before Lockout, & App Store Accessibility

Misplaced or Stolen?

Devices can be locked out or they can be set to auto-wipe in case they are misplaced or stolen.

Benefits Of Mobile Management


  • Securing Devices
  • Tracking Devices / Logistics Tracking

Enabling Staff

  • Offer a BYOD Program
  • Increase Mobility:
    Staff can work quicker and more flexible on a bigger range of devices. Devices that they "Want" to use.

Productivity & Effciency

  • Consistent & Reliable User Experience
  • Speed of Deployment
  • Easier To Transfer Devices Between Users

Cost Control

  • Asset Tracking
  • Expense Management