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Managed Email

Email Issues… A Familiar Story?

Email is part of our daily life and an essential communication tool for business. How would you manage without it? What if something went wrong?

There are a number of common email issues that might affect your business.

  • Losing time and customers due to servers crashing?
  • Stressing about costly issues with your email system?
  • Can’t find old emails easily and quickly as evidence?
  • Worried about virus or spam attacks on your system?
  • Business growth hindered by poor technology?

The Solution!

Managed Email consist of three separate services that can be combined to provide a total solution to these common issues, keeping your email safe, secure and always running. Not only is your email system safe and secure with Managed Email, it is always running which means you’ll always be able to keep in touch with your customers.

 You can either go for a complete solution consisting of all three services or build your coverage one service at a time. Not sure which services would be fit for your needs? Contact Us and will we be happy to happy evaluate your business’ coverage needs.

Before and After Managed Email



“Our servers kept on crashing which meant our customers weren’t receiving vital emails.”

“Virus and spam attacks on our software kept me awake at night.”

“We lost several emails which meant we had no proof of the quote we had agreed with our client.”


“The cloud based system now means we’re always able to keep in touch with our customers online.”

“Our email is safe from unwanted attacks, without blocking genuine emails.”

“Now we always have quick and easy access to previous emails, which means we always have an audit trail.”

Why Is Managed Email So Effective?

  • Uses industry leading technology
  • Tackles all your email problems with one tool
  • Easy to use and no experience required
  • Affordable – just a small monthly fee that depends on usage
  • Value for money – saves your business money from lack of downtime and costly resourses
  • Developed to meet the requirements of HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines

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