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Managed Continuity

Avoid a Costly Data Breach.

As our reliance on IT increases, so does the threat to businesses if things go wrong. Losing vital files and information could mean loss of revenue. Our Managed Continuity service reduces risk, delivers rapid data-recovery and is an affordable, cost-effective way of keeping your business running in the face of a crisis.

Are you prepared for the following?

  • Damage from fire, flood, or theft
  • Losing data
  • Back-up not working
  • Downtime from IT issues
  • Virus attacks
  • Major server problems
  • No email access

Our Managed Continuity Service takes the worry away. It monitors, protects and analyses your IT systems to keep you and your business running.

We Keep You and Your IT Systems Protected…


The impact from fire, flood, or theft can be huge. Managed Continuity protects your data and your business through three individual services:

You can either go for a complete solution consisting of all three services or build your coverage one service at a time. Not sure which services would be fit your needs? Contact Us and will we be happy to happy evaluate your business’ coverage needs.

…to Keep Your Business Running



“Our back-up didn’t work and I lost access to an important customer email.”

“Our office was flooded, resulting in no access to IT for several days. This has a massive impact on our sales.”

“When our server goes down the whole office grinds to a halt, meaning lost revenue.”


“Back-up is done automatically, which saves me the stress and worry about accessing vital files.”

”We’re now prepared for any major IT issue – whatever the cause – and have constant access to email and our data.”

“Quarterly risk reports, archiving and a speedy recovery service mean downtime is no longer a threat to our business.”

How Does it Work?

  • Implement one service or go for a full, integrated solution consisting of monitoring, recovery, and risk analysis
  • Quick and simple set-up which can be done remotely or at your premises
  • Easy to use and no experience required
  • Affordable – just a small, monthly fee per workstation
  • Developed to meet the requirements of HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines.

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